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         A380 ( formerly A3XX ) is a new family of large aircraft with double-deck for passengers.The initial A380-800 aircraft will carry 555 passengers. A380 entry into service at the year 2007 . The first airline delivery are to be singapore airlines will delivery on October 2007. Up till now , many companies have acquiring A380 ,such as Thai Airways International A380-800 = 6, China Southern Airlines A380-800 = 5, Emirates Airlines A380-800 = 55 , Etihad Airways A380-800 = 4, Korean Air A380-800F = 5, Virgin Atlantic A380-800 = 6, ILFC A380-800 = 10, Kingfisher Airlines = 5, Singapore Airlines A380-800 =19, Lufthansa A380-800 = 15, Air France A380-800 = 12, Qantas A380-800 = 20,Malaysia Airlines = 6, Qatar = 5, VIP = 1. AS of March 2007, UPS and FedEX have been cancelled their ordered. They are already among the first buyers of the Airbus A380 jumbo jet and other undisclose companies.
         The assembly of the A380 will take place at Aeroapatiale-Matra's facility in Toulouse, interior furnishing and customization will be the responsibility of DASA in Hamburg. Both Aerospatiale and DASA will also produce A380 fuselage sections. BAE Systems will produce the wings , while CASA of spain will provide the horizontal stabilizer. Engine manufacturers are progressing with development programs. Rolls-Royce pursuing its alone,using a Trent delivative and Singapore Airlines chose the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 to power the Jets. Pratt / GE partnership is pushing the development of existing GE90 and PW4000 engines with some upgrades. Current plan is a 110 inches fan Pratt / GE model GP7200 for the A380 producing 67,000-80,000 lbs.of thrust and bypass ratio is 8:1 , to match the A380 program schedule (B747X will use GP 7100 which has 101 inches fan and bypass ratio is 7:1 ). The price of this aircraft is approximately 220 million US dollars.
    Hydraulic system of A380 will have a 5000 psi capability instead of 3000 psi . This increased the power which is necessary to handle the A380 flying controls and will reduce the components size. This will lower the weight of the aircraft by around one tonne.
           Airbus has recently announced several suppliers to the A380 program as follows:
    Parker Hannifin Corp.'s Electronic Systems Division has been selected to provide the fuel-measurement and management systems .
    TRW / Thales joint venture has been selected for the development and supply of variable-frequency electrical power systems.
    Goodrich Corp. has been selected to supply the evacuation systems and the main landing gear.
    Rolls-Royce has been selected to supply the fuel delivery system for its Trent 900 engine.
         The Cockpit will has 8 of 7.25x9.25 in. LCD screens to allow more data to be displayed. There are 2 primary flight displays, 2 navigation displays, 1 engine parameter display, 1 system display and 2 mulfunction displays.
        The Airbus A380 takes off from Toulouse, France, for its maiden flight on 27 april 2005
        The Airbus A380 received certification from European and U.S. aviation authorities on 12 December 2006
         Singapore Airlines received the A380 on the middle of October 2007 and fly the first flight from Singapore to Sydney Australia on 25 October 2007.
         Thai Airways is expected to receive 4 aircrafts in the year 2012 and 2 aircrafts in the year 2013.
SPECIFICATIONS A380-800 and A380-800F
  A380-800 A380-800F
Typical passenger load 840 in single class
555 in Three classes config.
Crew 2 2
Number of engines 4 4
Engine Types Pratt / GE GP-7267
RR Trent RB-967
Pratt / GE GP-7267
RR Trent RB-975
Engine Thrust for 4 Engines GP-7267=326,000 lbs
RR Trent RB- 967=272,000 lbs
GP-7267=326,000 lbs
RB-975=299,435 lbs
wing span 79.8 m.(261 ft. 10 in) 79.8 m.(261 ft. 10 in)
wing area 9,095.5 sq.ft (845.0 sq.m) 9,095.5 sq.ft (845.0 sq.m)
Length 72.75 m.(238 ft. 8 inches) 72.75 m.(238 ft. 8 inches)
Height 24.08 m.(79 ft) 24.08 m.(79 ft)
Max.Cruise speed 0.88 mach 0.88 mach
Service Ceiling 43,000 ft 43,000 ft.
Range 8,000 nm.(14,800 km.) 5,600 nm(10,370 km.)
Max.takeoff weight 560,000 kgs(1,234,600 lbs) 590,000 kgs (1,300,700 lbs)
Operating Empty weight 277,000 kgs(610,700 lbs) 252,000 kgs(555,600 lbs)
Max.Pay Load 84,000 kgs(185,190 lbs) 150,000 kgs(330,695 lbs)
Max.landing weight 383 tonnes(844,000 lbs.) 383 tonnes(844,000 lbs.)
Fuel capacity 260,900 kgs(575,185 lbs) 260,900 kgs(575,185 lbs)
1 nm.(nautical mile) = 1.15155 miles, 1 kt (knot) = 1.15155 mile / hr.
1 mach = 761 mph.(SL,ISA)
cockpit a380
will be cockpit of A380
cabin layout
Two level cabin layout
lower deck layout
Upper Deck cabin layout
upper deck  layout
Lower Deck cabin layout
The pictures below are the sketch of the interior that if required by airlines
The cabin is approx. 23 ft wide and 262 ft in length
On the left is passenger's bar

On the right is reception area
On the left are bed and bath rooms
On the right is other arrangement

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