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Flight Direction Control
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Cyclic Control
As mention earier , the total lift force is always perpendicular to the tip-path plane of the main rotor. When the tip path plane is tilt away from the horizontal, the lift -thrust force is divide into two components of forces that are, the horizontal acting force, thrust and the upward acting force, lift.
control function top view
The purpose of the cyclic pitch control is to tilt the tip path plane in the direction that horizontal movement is desired. The thrust component of force then pulls the helicopter in the direction of rotor tilt. The cyclic control changes the direction of this force,thus controlling the attitude and air speed of helicopter.
control function
The rotor disc tilts in the same direction of the cyclic stick was moved. If the cyclic stick is moved forward, the rotor disc tilt forward: if the cyclic is moved aft, the rotor disc tilt aft, and so on. The rotor disc will always tilt in the same direction that the cyclic stick is moved.
cyclic control stick
The above picture is only typical for cyclic control stick which different manufacturer will have some detail different but the main fuction is the same.

The radio switch is used for pilot to transmit radio by clicking the switch.

The trim switch , pilot use this switch to neutralize stick force . Pilot can use the trim switch to put the stick to the right , left , forward or backward . This runs electric motor which will tension the spring which will tend to hold the stick. The cyclic will stay where it is even the pilot were let it go . This also release tension from pilot.

The cargo release switch is the option switch, some manufacturer may have other function switch.
cyclic control stick

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