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Step on the moon
After landing at 4:17 p.m 20 July 1969 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and six hours later Neil A. Armstrong took the Small step into our greater future when he stepped off the Lunar Module, name Eagle onto the surface of the Moon ,from which he could look up and see Earth in the sky . He was shortly joined by Buzz Aldrin, and the two astronuats spent 21 hours on the Lunar surface and returned with 46 pounds of Lunar Rocks. After their historic walks on the moon, they successfully docked with Michael Collins,in the Command Module Columbia.

      October 1 , 1958 the official start of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) , was the begining of the great history of unique scientific and technological achievement in human space flight. It was a result of the Sputnik crisis because on October 4 , 1957 Russians launched the first artificial Satellite from Balkonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan which demonstrated the technological superiority of Communism. They equipped the Sputnik with transmitters to broadcast on frequencies at 20 and 40 Mhz so everyone will know it's up there. The Soviet Satellite Circles the Globe every 90 minutes.

     In 1961 , President Kennedy challenged the Russians in a race to the moon. In 1969 , the U.S. got to the MOON first and the Russians re-focused their efforts on permant presence in space with a Space Station.

      NASA successful sent human land on the Moon by Three Programs as follows:
      first program was Mercury Project, an effort to learn if humans could survive in space. The project demonstrated the abilities to reach the space , maintain an orbit and return to earth safely.

      second follow the mercury project was Gemini Project, which built upon Mercury's successes and used spacecraft built for two astronauts. The project demonstrated rendezvous and docking with other spacecraft , Extravehicular Activity (EVA) or space walking , and sustaining astronuats for extended period of time in space.

      third , Apollo project which finally demonstrated the capabilities of reaching the MOON , Orbiting it , Landing on it , and Returning to Earth safely.
^ Mercury-8
^ Gemini-12
^ Apollo-11 ,employment of the flag
^ Lunar Vehicle from Apollo 15
^ The moon surface from apollo 15

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