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Thai Airways Song -->  Smooth As Silk    We reach for the sky    Wings of THAI
   รักคุณเท่าฟ้า    สัมผัสจากใจ    การบินไทยรักคุณเท่าฟ้า    Beautiful THAI    Touched by THAI    ปลายทางคือคุณ
Nok Air Song-->    บินอย่างนก (นกแอร์)       Orient Thai Song-->    Fly Orient Thai

Thai AirAsia Song-->    ใครๆก็บินได้       Thai Smile Song    We Love Your Smile
เพลง Wings of THAI
เนื้อเพลง Wings of THAI
It touches you like a dream
The edge of the sunbeam
You're climbing the winds of the sky
And chasing the clouds by

*Flying it's not a dream
These visions are always seen and more
So real high on the wings of Thai *

A sway in volkings
A silk and grace
Two hands in well gone
The gentle face of Thai
The gentle face of Thai
With thousands of miles to go
All wrapt in the warm go
As magical night settles in
You're close now to heaven


Unforgettable journey time so this serunes
The thanks of strangers
And many happy returns
Many happy returns
With a vision of silk go tight
And twenty five years gone by
Toward the bright of the light of dawn
Tide saws on and on


Scaring the peak of the sky
And riding the sunlight
Hear the soft voice of vasure sight
Take the sky on the winds of Thai...
So in height on the winds of Thai...